Nekyia #1 *preorder*

Image of Nekyia #1 *preorder*


Nekyia is a comic that draws on Greek mythology and oral tradition, using as its central premise a “what if”. What if someone, knowledgeable enough about Greek myths, as well as the epics of Odyssey and the Iliad had the chance to meet a cast of their legendary characters and creatures, free of the bonds of these stories’ original protagonists, but with bonds and baggage of his own, like any human being?

The comic’s first story arc follows Demetris Lazarus, a young, disillusioned archaeologist, fresh out of school, who happens upon a strange find and a stranger old man inside the Nekromanteion of Acheron, an actual archaeological landmark. He is then given a riddle and, following the path its answer reveals, he ends up diving headlong – both literally and figuratively – into Greek mythology.

Story: Andy Michaelides/ Art: Valia Kapadai

*coming in summer 2015*

The Greek version will be available by the 24th of April 2015
28 pages, full colour, size A4

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